myReceipts - Receipt Organizer App Bewertungen

Waste of money, time and effort

Did not work from the moment I tried to upload first receipt. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times. Never cooperated. Hey, it was only a buck, but sadly I didn't get my money's worth.

Would not work.

I paid the $.99 and tried several times to load 1st receipt and it kept freezing. Never got to load 1st receipt.


Very unhappy I want a refund it doesn’t even save the receipt it just doesn’t do anything I want my money back


App tends to crash when you save a recipe!

Doesn't work. Please refund!

Crashes and doesn't let me enter receipts. Please refund! Very unhappy.


App crashes constantly

Good app

Great app!!

Easy to use

Easy to enter receipts and add category. Shuts down every time a receipt is entered, so you have to reopen to enter another receipt- seems like a glitch. Wish it would total each category. Overall happy with it, and hopefully glitch will be fixed soon.

Quits after every receipt

The app quits after every single receipt. It's horrible when you are trying to upload more than one receipt.

Still no update

We are still waiting for the crashing to be fixed. I actually don't mind it turning off after I've completed scanning my receipt. However, when you have TONS of receipts to upload it gets annoying after a while. Please fix this. Other than that I really like the app.


So far so good, easy to use and can finally get rid of all my receipts!!

App Crashes, Fuzzy Picture

I was looking for an app like this and it is great in theory. However, it needs more work to be useful. The picture of the receipt is grainy, so I cannot read the items on the receipt. App crashes frequently. Save your money until updates are released.

Good app

The app is very useful in keeping track of receipts and charges. What would make it better would be the ability to run reports and if it entered transactions for you from the receipt.

Save you're money / Time folks

App crashes every scan

Great app

Glad that the app is been updated regularly. Thanks

It's not bad

It's a pretty good little app. It does what it says it supposed to do. Easy to use.

It's bad

No funciona cuando se scanea un barcode

Absolutely Fabulous!

A wonderful app. I was using another I was not fond of after a grocery store mysteriously returned the full amount from a shopping trip. Tried to correct, but had no receipt, and as expected they took the money right back out at the worst time. I love that I can take a pic of the full receipt and the app auto crops so I can view only the receipt. Not to mention the neat ability to scan the barcodes! Very easy and I'm glad I returned to the app store in hopes of another option.

Love the simplicity

I've only had app a short time but I like it so far. Love the simplicity of having that one places to go where I have record of all my receipts. One thing..... A very important thing in my opinion, I can't figure out how to add a new receipt from my photo library.... Where I'm not actually taking a photo of the original paper copy. I have a couple vital receipts that I had already snapped photo of the original copy & just had that record stored in my photo library b4 I got this app. Now I need to transfer it somehow into my receipt app. Is there a way to do this at all? Or am I overlooking the way to do that.

Great app

Would be better if the app synced to other devices you have with the same app. It seems to store only the receipts takin on the phone with the app


Extremely useful:)

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